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About Us

Zach Hudson, CEO of Grantham Systems Incorporated.

Zach Hudson brings over twenty years of experience as a law enforcement officer and security professional. During his career in law enforcement, Zach was recognized and honored by the International Association of Chiefs of Police with a national nomination for Officer of the Year in 2010. He has developed scores of crime prevention programs and provided lifesaving education to countless civilians and law enforcement personnel alike.

Shortly after 9/11, Zach began providing security surveys and consulting for organizations in Central Florida. Following the devastating attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Zach began developing active shooter response and preparedness programs for civilians.

This eventually led him to become an author as well as a celebrated public speaker on the subject. Zach has been recognized nationally as an expert in active threat education and training. He was featured on CNN’s Erin Burnet Show with his unique Active Shooter Program in 2013, and has been regularly interviewed by the media over the years as a subject matter expert.

In addition, below is a brief list of some of Zach’s accolades and certifications:

  • Business Security Survey Certification
  • Federal Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing
  • NIMS Certification for FEMA Disaster Management
  • ASIS Award for Community Policing Excellence
  • 2012 CNN Hero Award Winner
  • CJSTC First Responder Training Certification
  • CMS Defensive Tactics Instructors Certification
  • Police Active Shooter Response Training
  • HLS-Cam Security Assessment Training
  • Israeli Krav Maga Self-Defense Training
  • Active Shooter Training scenario based (with simunitions)

Zach is the President of Grantham Systems Incorporated, and serves as the company’s subject matter expert.