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Active Shooter Hotels & Restaurants

E Safe-101 Outline Hospitality

I. Introduction to Grantham Systems Incorporated

Our “Why” and what we do.

II. Statistics and Trends of Hospitality Organization Violence

Case study – Examples of Hospitality shootings

III. Recognizing Potential threats

  • Statistics for hospitality organizations
  • Signs of Imminent Danger
  • Identifying abnormal behaviors
  • Signs of spousal abuse

IV. Incident Response to Bombing

  • Recognizing bombs
  • Recognizing suspicious objects (Potential Improvised Explosive Device, IED)
  • Identifying “choke points” locations

V. Prevention Strategies

  • Safety and Security Evaluation
  • Compartmentalizing a threat
  • Crisis Management Planning

VI. Managing Irate/Agitated People

VII. Security is about layers

VIII. A holistic response to threats and security

IX. Defend As A Village (Follow D.A.A.V.)