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GSI safety and security training is designed for all locations that are considered “soft targets” such as educational institutions, faith-based organizations, hospitality industry and healthcare facilities.

Certification Courses

Active Shooter and Active Threats Response

A comprehensive four (4) hour educational course that provides attendees with practical strategies and techniques needed to prevent and/or respond to active shooter/ active threat events. This course provides the user with a clear understanding of their options before, during and after a crisis event.

E-SAFE 101 Courses:


Are You Prepared?

In this day of active shooters and other deadly threats, having a clear understanding about what you should do to prevent and respond to these violent incidents has become critical.

Planning and training may not prevent all active threat incidents

but it could

“Save Lives”


With Grantham Systems Inc.

E-SAFE 101 Course

What Does E-SAFE 101 Training Offer You?

Grantham Systems Incorporated offers a one (1) hour on-line course called E-SAFE 101. This comprehensive one (1) hour program is designed to educate and encourage everyday people just like you to survive an active threat event. E-SAFE 101 training provides practical strategies and techniques needed to mitigate and reduce casualties. This one (1) hour course also provides the participant with a clear understanding of real world options before, during and after a critical incident. We offer courses for: Medical Facilities, Hospitality Industry, Faith-Based Organizations, and Educational Institutions.

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“Be Grantham Safe”

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